Thursday, March 26, 2015

Land of Marigold plays 7th annual Mardi Spaghetti Marathon!

Land of Marigold will be performing as part of a 9-hour musical marathon in celebration of the 7th anniversary of the Mardi Spaghetti series. Josh and I are two of the co-founders of the series (along with Pierre-Yves Martel and Philippe Lauzier) and probably first performed together there, in the back room of Le Cagibi. Josh is still involved in running the series, and it'll be a pleasure to play a set in the bright afternoon together as part of a program of 9 groups, from 3pm to midnight on April 14. 

The series is dear to my heart, and is one of the most important places for the development and performance of creative music in Montreal. There's no experience quite like listening to 4 or 5 performances of wildly varied groups. I highly recommend  it, and plan to be there for the full 9 hours. I hope you'll be there too!!

Land of Marigold (Ellwood Epps trumpet, Josh Zubot Violin)
4pm, Tuesday April 14th
Mardi Spaghetti at Le Cabigi, 5490 St-Laurent

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If You Got Ears with special guest Josh Zubot!

Wednesday March 25 12-2pm on CKUT 90.3 FM

Violinist, composer, and founder of the Mardi Spaghetti concert series Josh Zubot will be my guest this week. We'll be talking about (and listening to) several new recordings, the upcoming music marathon celebrating the  7th anniversary of Mardi Spaghetti, and playing together live in the studio. 

Josh and I have been playing together as Land of Marigold for about 8 years, and we've performed together with Myra Melford, the Ratchet Orchestra, Marshall Allen, and William Parker.

Please tune in wherever you are for a unique chance to meet one of the most interesting improvisers and best violinists you're ever going to hear. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If You Got Ears with Ellwood Epps on CKUT radio!

I will be hosting CKUT's If You Got Ears, every Wednesday afternoon in March from noon to 2pm. I'll be featuring live performances, in-studio interviews, and the latest recordings of improvised music in Montréal.

On Wednesday March 18 my guest will be Raphael Foisy-Couture. A double bassist, organizer of concerts at La Passe, and creative force behind Small Scale Music, Raph is a bright new light on the scene in Montreal. We'll be playing together live in the studio, discussing Montréal's world of improvised music, and listening to some great records. Please join us!

Please join me on the airwaves at 90.3 FM, or online at

Friday, March 6, 2015

FONTMusic Canada 2015, including Pink Saliva...

I'm happy to be presenting the second annual Festival of New Trumpet Music, and thrilled to be playing in it with Pink Saliva!!!

4 Nights of the best new trumpet music in Canada!!
40+ artists from Montréal, Toronto, New York and New Brunswick! 
One Exclusive Workshop!

jeudi le 12 mars, 20h30
Résonance Café, 5175a Ave du Parc

Jake Henry's Sweet Talk (New York City)Jake Henry trompette, Dustin Carlson guitare, Devin Drobka batterie.

Altsys Orchestra (Montréal): Bill Mahar directeur artistique/compositeur/trompette, Jennifer Bell chef d'orchestre/sax alto/clarinette/flûte, Frank Lozano sax ténor/flûte, Cameron Wallace sax baryton/clarinette basse, Dave Grott trombone, Christopher Smith trombone basse/tuba, Jocelyn Veilleux cor, Jocelyn Couture trompette, Aron Doyle trompette, Josh Rager piano, Alec Walkington basse, Jim Doxas batterie.

vendredi le 13 mars, 21h
Résonance Café, 5175a Ave du Parc

Joe Sullivan Quintet (Montréal, Toronto)Joe Sullivan trompette/bugle, André Leroux sax ténor, André White piano, Alec Walkington basse, Dave Laing batterie.

Stephanie Richards' Urban Survayor Project (New York)Stephanie Richards trompette/bugle/trompette piccolo, James Carney piano/rhodes, Sam Minae basse, Andrew Munsey batterie.

Pink Saliva (Montréal): Ellwood Epps trompette, Michel F Côté batterie/microphones, Alexandre St-Onge basse electrique/laptop.

samedi le 14 mars, 21h
185 Van Horne

Frédéric Demers' Multi trompettes et folie (Montréal): Frédéric Demers trompette si bémol/cornet/Tibetan horn/bugle/trompette naturel, Sonia Paço-Rocchia, electroniques.

Aaron Shragge & Ben Monder (New York City): Aaron Shragge trompette/flûtes shakuhachi, Ben Monder guitare.

Ingrid Jensen Quartet Featuring Ben Monder (New York City/Montréal): Ingrid Jensen trompette, Ben Monder guitare, Fraser Hollins basse, Greg Ritchie batterie.

dimanche le 15 mars, 14h-16h
La Passe, 1214 de la Montagne
$15-20 sliding scale

Craig Pedersen Workshop: Physical/Musical Approaches to Extended Techniques on the Trumpet. This workshop will use the book ''Trumpet Sound Effects'' as a jumping-off point to explore achieving a balance between the development of extended techniques and their integration into a musical practice — free improvisation, jazz, contemporary classical music and beyond.

Register at

dimanche le 15 mars, 20h30
185 Van Horne

Amy Horvey and Warhol Dervish (Montréal): Amy Horvey trompette, avec Warhol Dervish: John Corban et Emily Redhead violons, Pemi Paull – alto, JC Lizotte violoncelle.

Rampersaud Shaw Neal Krakowiak Leblanc (Toronto/New Brunswick): Nicole Rampersaud trompette, Evan Shaw sax alto/baryton, Wes Neal basse, Tomasz Krakowiak percussions, Joel Leblanc guitare.

Friday, February 20, 2015

YC-EE play Mardi Spaghetti


Yves Charuest et Ellwood Epps au Mardi Spaghetti
3 mars 2015, 21h30
Le Cagibi 5490 St-Laurent
$5+ contribution suggeré

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ratchet Orchestra Plays (with) Malcolm Goldstein!

Ratchet Orchestra plays (with) Malcolm Goldstein
mercredi le 18 février
Maison de culture Chapel historique du bon pasteur
100 sherbrooke est

Malcom Goldstein, composition et direction
Jean Derome, flûte et sax alto
Lori Freedman, clarinette
Yves Charuest, sax alto
Damain Nisenson, sax ténor
Jason Sharp, sax basse
Ellwood Epps, trompette
Scott Thomson, trombone
Josh Zubot, violon
Guido del Fabbro, violon
Jean René, alto
Nicolas Caloia, contrebasse
Chris Burns, guitare
Guillaume Dostaler, piano
Ken Doolittle, percussions
Isaiah Ceccarelli, batterie

Programme :
MALCOM GOLDSTEIN The Seasons : Winter/Vermont (1983)
Scuttling a space of time, slowly (2014)
Broken canons -- for Charles Ives (2011)
In search of tone roads #2 -- for Charles Ives (2013)

Présenté dans le cadre du Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée

GRATUIT- Laissez-passer requis

Monday, February 9, 2015

un weekend improvisée!

Happy to play twice this weekend!

l'Envers présente un weekend improvisée!
14 et 15 février à La Passe (1214 de la Montagne)
(chaque concert commence à 21h)

Tim Crofts Solo + Trio avec Thomson et Epps
Epps/Mettler/Foisy/Hamel + Ensemble SIM

samedi le 14 février ($10):

Tim Crofts, pianist de Halifax, fait une tournée canadienne. Içi à Montréal il jou en solo ainsi qu'avec un dynamic duo des cuivres: Scott Thomson au trombone et Ellwood Epps à la trompette.

Ce concert et le premier d'un serie mensuel presenté à La Passe parl'Envers. On est très content de vous presenter de la musique créative dans un environment chaleureux et inspirant.

Tim Crofts is a true 21st Century pianist. Tim’s main focus is improvisation & new music. His musical style combines elements of 20th century classical music with free jazz improvisation and world music aesthetics. In performance, Tim explores the full sonic capabilities of the acoustic piano through extended techniques and a wide range of piano preparations. He is able to coax a variety of colour and extreme dynamic contrast through employing traditional and non-traditional techniques in tandem. Crofts also performs in electronic settings utilizing a variety of samplers, synthesizers and keyboards to create an even more extended palette of sounds and textures. All these stylistic elements are blended through free improvisation, and the pursuit of the sound of the moment.

In Halifax, Tim is active in both the performance and teaching of improvised music. He has been presented regularly by suddenlyLISTEN in concerts and on tour, with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio. He has performed regularly with the Upstream Music Association and the Upstream Orchestra, including a 2013 performance at the 29th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, in Quebec. Tim has also performed with Symphony Nova Scotia at the CNMN Forum, and in other concert with such creative music luminaries as Jerry Granelli, Gerry Hemingway, Graham Collier, Evan Parker and Dave Douglas. In 2014 Tim released two recordings: his solo CD 8 Ball and Doorknob, and Literal Lateral with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio and percussionist Gerry Hemingway.

samedi le 14 février à 21h
La Passe (1214 de laMontagne)
Tournée supporté par Circuit': A Canadian Touring Network for Improvising Musicians et le Conseil des Arts du Canada.


dimanche le 15 févriere ($10):

Ellwood Epps ))) trompette
Vicky Mettler ))) guitare
Raphael Foisy ))) contrebasse
Louis-Vincent Hamel ))) batterie
l'ensemble du SIM

The Studio d'Improvisation de Montréal has been offering ensemble workshops in improvised music since 2009. SIM founder and director Ellwood Epps leads the latest edition of the workshop in a lively performance.

Ellwood Epps also leads an explosive new band featuring four of the city's most active and energetic improvising musicians. In the tradition of evolving music, Epps joins forces with the younger generation (including past participants of SIM) to find new and life-giving alchemical forces in music.

Come enjoy an evening of togetherness and celebrate the continuity of creative music.
Depuis 2009, e Studio d'Improvisation de Montréal offre des ateliers de la musique improvisée. Fondateur et directuer Ellwood Epps dirige l'edition le plus recent dans un performance energetique!!

Epps dirige egalement un nouveau ensemble qui mettre en vedette 4 musicien(ne)s le plus actif et inspirant à Montréal. Dans la tradition de l'évolution de la musique, Epps se associe à la jeune génération (y compris les anciens participants de SIM) pour trouver de nouvelles et vivifiantes forces alchimiques dans la musique.

Venez profiter d'une soirée de solidarité et de célébrer la continuité de la musique créative!!

La Passe 1214 de la Montagne